Our Strategic Plan
Politics being what it is, it's unfortunate that there are those in this campaign spreading misinformation that the city has no Strategic Plan.  Perpetuating this is irresponsible and simply not true.  Our City Comprehensive Plan was re-adopted in 2013 and areas of focus are re-evaluated and progressed upon via City Council's Priorities and Implementation Plan every two years. We also have separate strategic plans for different departments, such as Economic Development and the MCPD.

TWhen the time comes to update the city's comp. and strategic plan, I'll advocate for citizen outreach and involvement to help guide these important documents.

Don't take my word for it, quick-links can be found here:
Manassas City Comp Plan
Strategic Plan Updates
Economic Development Strat Plan

MCPD Strat Plan

Our Economy-Playing to our Strengths

  • Fully revamp the city's Economic Development website
  • Launch SBA HUBzone marketing plan to attract high paying government contractors
  • Work with regional partners to establish physical/virtual business incubator
  • Work with local non-profits to produce commercials featuring city businesses to air on city controlled stations and online
  • Establish Entrepreneurship Academy in partnership with Chamber of Commerce and other community partners
  • Launch "Manassas is Open for Business" campaign
  • Fight for the Taxpayer! Oppose raising taxes on businesses and citizens  Read More>>
  • Expand membership in our Manassas Business Council to better advise council on economic matters and act as ambassadors to the broader business community
  • Host semi-annual event with regional real-estate agents to communicate positive city information
  • Re-structure our Tax Relief for the Aged program

Transparency, Accountability and Efficiency

  • Establish online government scorecard, publicizing core departmental goals, objectives and metrics to be updated regularly
  • Establish, through formal council policy, a dedicated carve-out of tax revenue specific for capital improvement in the city (starting at approx. 4.4 cents)
  • Use PEG funds to live broadcast council and school board work sessions
  • Fight to give citizens as much input as possible, especially on controversial issues, through SUPs and public hearings
  • Establish "virtual citizens' time" allowing citizens to comment online on pending council matters
  • Establish public works website that lists current and pending projects, their scope, and progress, so citizens can be kept updated in real-time
  • Transmit an annual statement to all home owners outlining the city's expenditures
  • Expand current role of volunteers in city operations (expand to city hall information desk etc)

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Recreation 2.0- An Affordable Citizen Driven Solution

  • Re-establish Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, populate with citizens and business owners engaged in local recreation, heath and fitness businesses
  • Create "Adopt-a-Park" program with community partners
  • Work with local recreation, health and fitness businesses to create online directory of classes and activities open to Manassas residents and promote through "Manass-Pass" marketing campaign, virtually and in print
  • Re-open Lake Manassas Read More>>

"I'm Proud of What our City has Accomplished, but More Remains to be Done.  With your Support I Will Continue Working to Move Manassas Forward."

Education- More Transparency/Less Spin

You can champion the individual successes seen in our school system, while still being troubled by its overall performance.  These two ideas are not mutually exclusive.  You can have great regard for the teachers and students who continue to strive for and achieve excellence, and still want the overall system held to a higher standard.

I support working towards open communication and transparency.

To that end I will:

  • Work with citizens, willing School Board members and teachers to establish an environment of trust, open communication, transparency and respect
  • Use my position on council to shed light on issues of public concern such as student safety and school accreditation
  • Support efforts to improve our teacher attrition rates
  • Continue to advocate for the restoration of proper state funds to our public schools and that such proceeds are spent in a transparent fashion
  • Champion our city's diverse education options by fighting for our public school, private school and home schooled families and students
  • Seek out strategic partnerships, private contributions and volunteers from our broader community to support education in Manassas
  • Oppose over-development of the city which contributes to negative school impacts

Standing By our First Responders

  • Continue our initiative to combat police officer attrition through more competitive wages for beginning offers- already proving successful
  • I support a South Side fire station either through a joint operating agreement with PW county or by building ourselves

Quality of Life and Traffic

  • Fix Rt. 28 Read More>>
  • Oppose over-development of the city, contributing to negative traffic impacts
  • Coordinate quarterly "Good Neighbors" campaigns to help fight blight and overcrowding
  • Establish program to allow HOAs to report code violations in bulk to the city
  • Re-establish quarterly HOA conferences with city staff
  • Expand our city's rental inspection program to other high density parts of the city
  • Continue to support the burying of city power lines